Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free Microsoft Points

Free Microsoft Points

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Free Microsoft Points

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Microsoft Points Defined

Microsoft Points were a currency issued by Microsoft for use on its Xbox and Zune products. Points could be used to purchase video games and downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace, digital content like audio and movies on Zune Marketplace, along with content from Windows Live Gallery. [1]

A Xbox 360 software update applying this change was released on August 26, 2013; users' current Microsoft Points will soon be transformed into an equivalent level of local currency for purchases.[2]

In The United States, points could only be purchased in 400 point increments. In the U.S., the minimum 400 points cost $ 5 to buy, 800 while 1600 cost $ 20, cost $ 10. [3]

The Microsoft Points program was criticized for being deceptive in regard to actual real-world cost, and for users often needing to buy more points simultaneously than are immediately needed. In his own overview of the Zune, Paul Thurrott argued that "a tune on Zune typically expenses 79 Microsoft Points, which, yes, is about 99 cents. You can't follow on and hold the 99-cents deducted from the charge card, as you can with iTunes. So, even if you're buying only one song, you need to allow Microsoft to hold on to a minimum of $4.01 of the funds before you purchase another." [5]

Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg defended the Points system, arguing that the system was designed to trim the myriad of individual credit card transaction fees Microsoft would need to control because of its users. [6]